Creative Spotlight: Timothee Lovelock

Just a few short weeks ago, we had the pleasure of coordinating and catering Lindsay and Cody's Wedding Reception at The Borland Center alongside DJ/Violinist extraordinaire, Timothee Lovelock. Since our first event together back in December of 2013, Team Rockstar has  been following the musical adventures of the Lovelock Music Group [LMG] and we're beyond thrilled to feature Timothee in our first ever vendor spotlight this month!

Hi Timothee. For those people who don't yet know you or your company, what is LMG?

Timothee: Lovelock Music Group is a company focused on music production and entertainment services.   


You have a very unique act on stage. How did you come up with the idea for the DJ/Violin combo? 

Timothee: I started playing violin at night clubs from Palm Beach to Miami and I would always play alongside other DJs. Finally the day came when I figured that I could do both and build my brand. 


What is your DJ style?

Timothee: Motown, 80s, Top 40, Rock, Hip Hop...You name it, I can do it. 


What is the best thing about what you do?

Timothee: Seeing people smile and opening their hearts when they hear me play. 


What sets LMG apart from other event entertainers/MCs/DJs?

Timothee: My energy in wanting to strive for [the client's] satisfaction - Having the presence on the violin and mic - Making sure there is crowd participation...all of these factors are key to having a great party. 


What does the future hold for LMG? Anything new in the works?

Timothee: Bigger production - from gogo dancers to cinematic lights - CO2 fog to confetti cannons. 


What advice would you give someone searching for the perfect event DJ?

Timothee: Make sure they interact with your guest and bring more to the table than just playing music. 


Finally, how do people find you?


Facebook: Timothee Lovelock

Twitter: @tlovelockLMG

Instagram: timotheelovelock

Youtube: Timothee Lovelock



Go "Behind the Strings" with Timothee in the promo video below featuring scenes from Lindsay + Cody's Rockstar/LMG wedding reception at The Borland Center.