The Chef's Table: TNF Washington vs NY Giants

Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants play host to the Washington Redskins in tonight's TNF matchup. When we think of NY - Central Park, New York Pizza, and The Empire State Building immediately come to mind. Of course, everyone loves a good slice of classic NY Pizza, but we've decided to dig a little deeper and get a bit more personal with this week's recipe. One of Kyle's fondest memories as a child is of his Pop Pop grilling Sausage + Peppers on Sunday while they watched the game. Immaculate in it's simplicity, this dish remains a quintessential staple for any Football Sunday tailgate, party, or cookout. 

Redskins fans we haven't forgotten about you. Serve up some Chesapeake Bay Eagle Flat Oysters with a little Old Bay Cocktail Sauce, and enjoy! 

Below: A game day-ready recipe for Pop Pop's Sausage + Peppers. Go G-Men!



2 lbs hot italian sausage (rope)
4 hero rolls
1 lb red peppers
1 lb green peppers
3 medium yellow onions
virgin olive oil

salt + pepper



Slice your peppers to 1/2” thick strips and slice up the onions. Throw them into a ziploc and add approximately 1/2 c olive oil along with a few good shakes of salt + pepper (don’t be stingy). Shake up the bag so the peppers and onions are well coated. Let refrigerate a few hours (or overnight if possible).

Fire up your grill to high. Cook the sausage for 3-4 minutes on each side to get a nice sear and crust. Transfer to the indirect heat section of your grill and cover. In the meantime, put your pepper mixture into a foil packet or a grill pan lined with foil. Cook on high until onions are translucent and peppers begin to char.

Slice your rolls length-wise but leave the two halves in tact. Remove some of the inside portion of the bread and stuff with slices of the sausage and cover in pepper mixture.

Finish with classic yellow mustard and a little marinara sauce.